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McCumbee McAleer Racing With AEROSPORT Returns 2024 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport Series

Dec 20, 2023

Supply, North Carolina - Wednesday, December 20th, 2023 - McCumbee McAleer Racing (MMR) with AEROSPORT proudly announces their continuance in the 2024 IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport series. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, MMR returns for a consecutive year, with drivers Chad McCumbee and Jenson Altzman piloting the No. 13 Ford Mustang GT4 sponsored by Vervantis, a prominent Global Energy Services company.

Founded in 2014 by Chad McCumbee and Stevan McAleer, MMR, headquartered in Supply, North Carolina, swiftly emerged as a force within the Global MX-5 Cup paddock. Their 2023 debut in the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Grand Sport series was no different as the No. 13, delivered exceptional performance with 4 top 10 finishes and securing 2 podiums at Road America and Virginia International Raceway.

In preparation for the forthcoming 2024 season, the No. 13 will debut a brand new Ford Mustang GT4, meticulously crafted by Multimatic. MMR has actively participated in the developmental testing, aligning their efforts to elevate performance and maintain their competitive edge.

MMR with AEROSPORT is geared to shine the spotlight on the Vervantis Ford at Daytona and anticipates a very successful year in the series. Strengthening their rapport with Ford and Multimatic, MMR remains committed to the success of the Mustang platform.

AEROSPORT, spearheaded by Allison Altzman, endeavors to serve as a guiding force for women seeking roles within motorsports. Reflecting this mission, MMR employed two women as engineers in their IMSA Michelin Pilot team crew during the 2023 season, embodying their commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the racing industry.

“The inaugural year in the IMPC Series exceeded our expectations with two Podiums and multiple Top 10 finishes,” said Allison Altzman. “So we move into 2024 with a lot of momentum debuting the new GT4 Mustang. MMR’s ability to put together a winning team is stellar and working with them to add diversity, especially in unconventional roles for females, is rewarding. As car owner, AEROSPORT looks forward to continue to promote and seek out those opportunities.”

Chad McCumbee, MMR Team Owner and co-driver of the No. 13 Vervantis Ford Mustang GT4, expressed his anticipation for the upcoming season. “Continuing our presence in the IMPC paddock is yet another reason I really am looking forward to the 2024 season,” said McCumbee. “MMR's rookie season in GS was certainly a success and I expect more continued growth and performance this coming year. Jenson, along with our entire team, did an amazing job in getting acclimated to the GT4 platform. We all have a lot of excitement about the new Mustang that Multimatic and Ford Performance has for 2024. A massive thank you to AEROSPORT, Vervantis and everyone that made this program a reality one year ago,” he finalized.

Jenson Altzman, Co-driver of the No. 13 Vervantis Ford Mustang GT4, shared his excitement, emphasizing the learning opportunities and his partnership with teammate Chad McCumbee as integral components for their upcoming success. “I am really looking forward to another year of competing in Michelin Pilot Challenge with McCumbee McAleer Racing / AEROSPORT and Ford Performance!,” stated Altzman. “I am extremely proud of what this team was able to accomplish this season given our short window to prepare for a new series.”

“What excited me most when this program was announced for the 2023 season was the learning opportunities I knew lie ahead of me, yet I still couldn’t have imagined to learn as much as I did. I’ve been very fortunate having Chad as my teammate given his knowledge of the platform. We are both looking forward to showing everyone what the new Mustang GT4 is capable of (especially my other team owner Stevan). It’s also been a privilege getting to work so closely with Ford Performance - it's incredible to have the amount of support they provide,” Altzman added.

“A big thank you to Dan Moat and everyone at Vervantis Inc for their continued support. The whole MMR team has loved having a partner with such passion for the program. Last year was inspiring to watch their sustainability push play out over the course of the season and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are excited for what’s ahead in 2024!” Altzman concluded.

The unwavering support of Vervantis as the title sponsor has significantly propelled the team's 'Greener Racing' initiative forward. Vervantis, a global energy services company specializing in commercial energy and sustainability, epitomizes MMR's commitment to environmental consciousness.

Dan Moat, President of Vervantis, reaffirmed their sponsorship, acknowledging the team's stellar debut in IMSA's Michelin Pilot Challenge and expressing pride in continuing this successful partnership into the 2024 season. “After a stellar inaugural season in IMSA’s Michelin Pilot Challenge, Vervantis is proud to reaffirm its sponsorship of MMR AEROSPORT for the upcoming season,” Moat said. “It’s hard to believe that this program was only a conversation this time last year. We could not have imagined how the efforts of the crew, and its drivers would have us fighting for the lead at Daytona and be a force throughout the 2023 championship.”

“2024 ushers in an exhilarating new chapter with the team fielding the latest Ford Mustang GT4, adorned with a fresh new livery,” Moat added. “However, the dynamic driving duo of Jenson Altzman and Chad McCumbee remains unchanged, bringing their remarkable synergy back to the track as they set their sights on the championship title. The crew now has a season under its belt and with the addition of some new key team members and the iconic Daytona race on the horizon, anticipation is mounting within the team and fan community alike.”

The 2024 IMSA Pilot Challenge Schedule promises eleven electrifying events, commencing with the Roar Before the 24 at Daytona International Speedway from January 19-21st and culminating with the Fox Factory 120 at Road Atlanta from October 9-12th. Live coverage of all IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge Events will be presented by Peacock.

For more information on the 2024 IMSA Pilot Challenge schedule, please click here.

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